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The Anchor Learning Solution's powerful, flexible and customisable learning management system helps you deliver effective corporate training and professional development, and share knowledge across your organisation.

Tertiary & Certificate Programs

The Anchor Learning Solution provides the infrastructure for institutions and colleges to offer certificate courses and special programs online, using a pay as you go learning solutions. We can design your workflow and incorporate it into our eco-system as part of your onboarding process.  Our learning management solutions for you include:

  • Semester-Based Model
  • White-label Opportunities
  • Certificate & Short-Courses Courses Set-up

Corporate World

In today’s work environment, corporations need to manage recurrent training and professional development for their staff in a streamlined and flexible environment. The Anchor Learning Solution is designed to assist in this endeavor.  We have not only curated content to bridge common learning gaps, but we have provided the infrastructure for HR and Training departments to create and collate their custom content.

Our Content Library includes the following broad topics:

  • Customer Service: Soft Skills Fundamentals
  • Effective Email Communication: Enhancing Your Voice at Work
  • Communication Fundamentals: How to Communicate Better
  • Practical Time Management – Personal Productivity Tools
  • Project Management

Are you a Caribbean teacher that has content that you want to license, contact us today!