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MOREE – Managing and Optimizing Rudimentary Educational Experience – More than Just Course Management

The MOREE Learning Solution will disrupt the current way in which learning management software is delivered to the market.  

It is way more than a course management focus.  Most products offer a way to get students to consume content remotely, i.e., remote learning.  The Anchor’s MOREE Learning Solution proffers to be MORE than that.  Our solution is the first 360o solution built to cater to the academic system in the Caribbean market. 

What does this mean?

The MOREE Learning Solution gives the users—students, teachers, administration, and parents the ability to cohabitate and excel in an integrated experience offering several features:

Classroom Management

  • Attendance Management
  • Student Behavior Management with Intervention Workflow
  • Class Activities Management

Course & Student Administration

  • Course Content Management
  • Performance & Grades Management by Courses and Course Period
  • Parent Contact Information Access
  • Disciplinary Records Management

Student Engagement

  • Student Payments Tracking
  • Pre-recorded and Live Classes
  • Teacher Student Messaging to Allow for Better Guidance & Individualized Support
  • Question & Answer Forums

Parent Engagement

  • Real-time Teacher-Parent Messaging through HTML Responsive Web Application, No Application Installation Required.
  • Access to Key Student Activity Reports—Grades, Attendance, Disciplinary Actions, Etc.